The Plan

I opened the paper as soon as she handed it to me to read the address, having looked it over before she did. I turned my head at it; who could he be looking for? The meeting place was out of state and I didn recognize it.

\Can I keep this? Julien should know.\ We-he could either tell the Elders or handle it himself; help her husband too. She nodded before shrugging. Whatever Julien decided I would follow.

\I memorized it.\ She told me and I nodded. I would memorize it too, not knowing if Julien would be safe or not and not able to do much about it. Katy had our help though. \You

e gonna make a great Luna.\ Katy smiled, changing the subject for her sake. Pushing back the raw emotion of being forcefully separated from her mate and father of her child.

\I have no idea what Im doing.\ I admitted and let out a sigh before I realized something, it should have clicked already.

Katy was going to speak but noticed I had another question and stopped herself to allow me to ask mine.

\You keep saying your husband but not your mate?\ Their son has the werewolf energy but Ive never noticed her mark; not like I had with Cassie.

She smiled once again, having been asked this question many times and amused by it now. \Not all wolfs bite the neck.\ She told me and pulled her shirt down a bit; the mark on her shoulder. \Hes my mate but its much more normal to say husband.\ A small laugh followed her reasoning and I smiled as she put her sleeve back up.

Since we had time, knowing Davens location in a few days I choose to ask her some more question; seeming to have no problem with them and even having a few of her own. We talked about mates and our gift before Julien brought Ben back in; hungry again.

My vision of her death could no longer come true; something in me knew that now that she is safe. Her death had been in that awful basement. Part of me was ecstatic to have prevented it in anyway.

Katy had asked if he could hold out until lunch and she would cook him something but Cassie was used to growing hungry mouths and offered to take him to the kitchen to find something to hold him over. She was already planning on making extra so she could just rest. A head injury no joke and even more so from an angry alpha.

Julien got my attention during their chatting and gestured for me to go into the hallway with him. I followed; having something to tell him anyways. Or at least I might have something to tell him; unsure what he listened to and what he didn but It seemed like he always heard my voice.

I also had a feeling he would listen whether he heard it already so instead I just handed him the paper. He took it with a smirk before he looked at it. His eyebrows creased at the sight of it; surprising him too. He was listening and amused to how I was starting to notice when he did.

Besides he is still apprehensive in trusting Katy, especially alone with me.

\Alaska?\ He said aloud and looked back up at me, nodding at it but smiling at me before he closed the paper. \Thank you for getting this.\ I nodded, not exactly getting it but was given it.

She did seem to trust only me with it. \Her husband-mate is supposed to met him there in two days; whether or not he tracks down who was supposed to for Daven.\ I explained as he handed it back to me, grabbing my hand after and gently pulling me closer to him.

Worried what would happen if he did track down who was supposed to and just as worried if he doesn . Not really wining with Daven in the situation. He would either be happy and possibly hurt whoever gets tracked, or hurt Katys mate when he finds out he was unsuccessful.

He didn need to try too hard as I easily moved closer, never truly close enough though. Everything always faded away when I was close to him, we didn have any problems or any cares in the world. In this moment and moments like it; nothing else mattered.

\What does the birthday girl want to do now?\ Julien asked and released my hand to brush back my hair on both sides of my face, tucking it behind my ears as he did so. I smiled at his question but I had nothing more I could want; being able to spend it with him was plenty enough.

However before I could tell him that he remembered something. \I almost forgot, I have the grimoire for you.\ Julien reached for my hand and I gladly gave it to him for him to led me to his office, then to his desk.

He reached for it once he released my hand and I tired to peer around him but he picked it up; this one the smallest Ive seen. Able to cover it nearly entirely with his hand before he turned around.

\This belongs to you now.\ He told me and then presented it to me. \She never finished it but I don know how useful it will be, I don understand any of it.\ He shrugged but put his hands down when I picked it up.

Even if she just filled it with information it would be useful, just to have it was enough; to keep her styles going. Not to mention how my collection was growing now. I never thought I would even see more then the one I grew up with.

\Thank you, Im sure its plenty useful.\ There was magic within the pages, able to feel it and I would have an easier time with this one now that Ive started to break other spells down and having to understand other different styles.

I wanted the knowledge that came with all of them, the ability to adapt to different situation but have a spell ready or something to either help or fix it. I needed to be able to defend myself as well and to defend the people I love.

He smiled, glad to see I like it before I took a step forward and reached up to touch his face; cup what I could in my hand. Much smaller then his. His smile remained but became smaller as he looked down into my eyes.

\Now what would the birthday girl like to do?\ He asked again but I could see behind his eyes how he too would be more then content just standing here in each others presence. I sighed though and let what I should do take over for what I want to do.

\I should check on Dean, see if hes still alive after last night and see how he feels about continuing our trip.\ No reason we couldn do so here and after how tired he was I would be surprised if he was even awake but I would try.

Julien looked down but nodded after, also not wanting me to do so either. \I can put this with your bag if youd like?\ He offered, looking to the grimoire in my hands and I nodded before handing it to him. Julien could fit it into his back pocket; that small.

\Do you think after you could give me a tour of the grounds?\ His territory borders, the one he told me would take a long time. What I wanted with him and wed have time to ourselves during it. I really just wanted to spend time with him today, having taken care of everything else for now.

Julien smiled now, wanting more time as well and nodded. \Are you sure you want to see it all?\ He asked though, his smile fading only a bit. I shrugged; how big could it possibly be? Its not like he owns the whole mountain.

Wait. \Do you own the whole mountain?\ I asked, shocked in my own thought about how much it could truly be. He laughed, hearing it in my voice and shook his head.

\Maybe we don tour the grounds, we can take a walk if you want but wed be out there a while.\ He explained and his laugh turned into that of a smile, he does own the whole mountain doesn he? Given his nod he probably owns more.

I nodded though, happy to do either really. \Ill meet you outside?\ I asked and offered. Once I talked with Dean who I was sure I would convince to just finish our trip here. Being my birthday and all.

He gave me a nod, \Ill wait out back, hes the first door on the first floor.\ He then told me before taking the grimoire from his pack pocket. Although we would only be apart for the conversation I wanted one more moment and one more thing.

With a breath I reached up to hold his face and kiss him. I heard the grimoire land on the desk before he reached to support me and hold my lower back. A noise of surprise had left his mouth but he deepened the kiss and pressed me impossibly closer into him.

\Goddess.\ Julien whispered to himself as he pulled back, still holding me however and looking down into my eyes. \I love you.\ His voice was still low but not a whisper.

I couldn help but swallow first. \I love you too.\ Julien dropped his hold on me when we heard the door open. Not listening as he did, distracted by me just as much I was by him.

I took a step as I turned, Dean the one entering the office. Having been clearly looking for me and not knowing his way around. Nor aware he was interrupting another moment between Julien and I.

I glanced back at Julien, giving me a small smile before Dean began to speak and I turned fully back to him. Goddess how I wanted Dean to stop interrupting us. Or anyone for that matter.

\Thank- Im starving.\ Dean told me like he was the young child in the house and unable to get food for himself. Ben probably could if he knew where the kitchen was. Dean however knew the kitchen visible by his office.

\Cassie left some breakfast in the fridge for you but help yourself to anything we have.\ Julien offered, making it obvious he was always aloud to do that. \Ill meet you outside.\ Julien said though, giving me the time to help him and discuss out trip.

I nodded as he passed, having picked the grimoire back up. Going to put it away as we had talked about. Dean moved to let me lead the way to the kitchen once Julien passed by him and I laughed to myself.

\We should finish our trip-here.\ I told him after finding the breakfast that Julien was referring to and placed it on the counter in front of him where he sat across from me. Not exactly asking but suggesting.

He raised his eyebrows at me before pulling the container closer. \If you use your physic powers to find me a fork; Ill do whatever you want.\ That would be easy, I could probably guess too if I couldn .

As he took the lid off I turned and closed my eyes as I pictured the silverware. Or maybe not silver. I did not know how that affected werewolfs, It had magically abilities; able to bind things to it. There was both lore that said it would bring harm and that it was harmless. I would have to look out for that in the book.

I opened my eyes and looked to the draw that was on the left side of the sink and walked over to it. \Forks.\ I said aloud before opening it. \Yes!\ It was so simple but I did it without trying very hard; truly beginning to get the hang of it as Julien had said.

I could not remove the large smile from my face a I walked over and handed him the fork before leaning on the counter and watch him take his first bite.

\It was way more impressive when you had the vision of Katy. Its almost like when you wonder but you- your eyes had changed and you weren really there.\ Dean described though his chewing but it made sense with what Ive noticed about it.

Its like I really went into the vision; living it like it was happening, each one takes all my senses and I become blind to everything that is really around me. When I wondered I knew I was walking or someone was beside me but when I had my vision; I was stunned to no longer see the campsite. I preferred to dream them now.

Safe either beside Julien or inside my spelled house. It was now my best ability yet my most dangerous. Control over it seeming ever important the more I learned.

\I can tell if I started wondering because Katy was looking for me or I did it because I was having a vision about her.\ I told him, thinking on it out loud and Dean shrugged before placing the fork down. I suppose I could ask Katy but she has never met a physic so Im sure if she would even know.

\Don you think you would have wondered to Julien by now if you wondered because of the visions?\ He asked, not even aware how many visions Ive had of him; more then just the ones I mentioned to him and even to Julien himself.

I nodded and stood straight up from the counter and sighed. \Thats true.\ And good to know, I would have wondered to him by now. Katy was just pulling me in her plea for help; thankfully able doing so.

\So since we are finishing our trip; we should still do smores tonight like we had planned.\ He looked at me, mouth full and looking unsure. \Oh you have to do the tofu dogs too.\ I was excited for those last night.

\I still have to put those tents away.\ Dean remembered but was getting himself off topic. Easily doing so if something someone said triggered another thought; one that he forget.

\Dean.\ I got his attention as I waved at him, starting to look away to picture his unwanted task. He snapped out of it and looked back to me though and nodded.

He finished eating and since he would put the tents away I took his dishes for him and placed them into the sink. Washing them quickly too, knowing I would be helping Cassie out as she seemed to do most household tasks.

\What are you meeting Julien outside for; is gonna teach you to fight or something?\ I turned my head at his question when I looked at him; where on earth does he get these theory sometimes?

I dried my hands before nodded. Not even sure how to answer it with how much it threw me off.

\We were just gonna go on a walk, why would he teach me how to fight?\ I had magic and that was not about fighting. Not only did I not want to be trained how to fight but I was sure Julien had no plans on teaching me.

That would mean he would have to let me even be placed into harms way, close enough to have to defend myself or fight. Very unlikely of him.

I hope Deans question didn put any ideas in his head to do so either. Julien would rather keep me as far away from any kind of danger let alone put me in the center to fight it. Clearly Dean thinks I need it, my magic not offering much help against violence though.

\I guess it wouldn matter to much against werewolfs anyways.\ Dean shrugged, not aware the thought process he put me onto. \Im gonna go get those tents sorted.\ Dean told me as he left the kitchen.

Should I learn how to fight; would it even matter against someone like Daven? More importantly werewolfs in general. Even stepping up my magic was nothing compared to their speed and brute strength. Seeing more and more how strong they are with Julien.

I pushed up to where I had leaned against the sink counter to make my way to the back door through the dining room. To Julien who had indeed waited just outside. I looked down as I walked down the few steps to where he was standing; turned to me now that he had heard me come out.

\Do you still want to go for the walk?\ Julien asked, having indeed heard our conversation or sensed my mood change. I was just coming to terms more and more how Daven is my enemy.

I looked up at him though, not wanting it to change anything between us. \Yes.\ I took a tiny breath and did my best to push any thoughts of Daven from my head. Like I said he will not ruin my birthday.

Julien gave me a small smile before I closed the space between us and linked my arm with his, letting me do so once he realized what I was doing. It would be easier to walk and we would be closer.

\Show me some of your territory.\ I looked over at him with a smile; Daven free from my mind once again. Since he clearly owned more then I thought, some would do.

Julien and I spent a few hours outside together, making our way around the woods; talking about all kinds of things. Little and small topics. Never running out of things to discuss. Talking to him is easy and so natural.

\So, Dean mentioned he was going to prom this year.\ I glanced at Julien, finding it strange he both brought it up to Julien and that Julien was bringing it up to me.

\When did he bring this up?\ He hadn brought it up to me yet but I assumed he would be asking Charlotte if he hasn already. Why would he tell Julien about it and not me?

\When you were first wondering to Katy.\ He told me and stopped just at the tree line; the house in view just beyond them. I stopped too and looked at him, even more curious now.

\Did he ask you to ask me?\ I nodded, thinking on it; he did ask him to come to the party but I didn have to go to the prom. Dean doesn need a wing women on a date.

Julien nodded before smiling. \No he didn ask me to ask you, I want to ask you. If you don want to go we should still do something; anything.\ His smile grew as he finished his sentence. One on my face now. Prom not the point but to do something together; something romantic.

Dean and I have never really gone to any of the school dances; having no one to go with and It was hard enough to convince people we weren dating. Neither of us never even thinking in that way at any point. We are meant to be friends.

\Yes.\ I said, to prom or anything. I would have even enjoyed that party with him; despite the crowds. His energy let me push others away easily and only focus on his. \We can go to prom if you want- unless its raining.\ I quickly added however.

Not going to be anywhere near that school if it would even have a chance a storm of any kind. He turned his head at my seemingly strange request until he realized what I meant and nodded.

\Ill be next to you all night.\ He unlinked our arms to take my hand into his, facing me now as he pulled my hand up to his lips; kissing my hand.

I couldn help but smile, I hope the first school dance I go to doesn turn into that horrible vision. Prom is supposed to be magical and with Julien there I image it wouldn be to far off.

I remembered something very important about prom; I need a dress. I only had a few and none of them were worthy of prom, or going to prom with Julien who would look incredible in a suit of any kind.

\Im gonna need to talk to Cordelia.\ I told him, Deans mother was always dying to design me a dress and now I had an occasion she could. I would even take one she has already made, not picky but knowing she was always going the extra mile.

\Cordelia?\ He asked, not knowing her by name. Or why I would need to talk to her about anything related to it I suppose.

\Deans mom, she designs clothes for a living.\ He still looked unsure as to why I would still need her. I smiled before looking down for a moment. \I want one of her dresses for prom.\

If Im going to prom with Julien then I needed a better selection of dresses; not a single one of mine good enough for him.

\I can get you a dress.\ He stated simply, sounding far easier to him. \Just find one you like and Ill pay for it.\ I nodded, the offer nice but Cordelia would find out she would have had the opportunity through Dean when she finds out Im going to prom too.

Besides if he paid for it then he would know what it looks like and part of the surprise to stun him with it would be ruined. I knew Cordelia would have the perfect one; better then I could ever pick out.

\If I need a dress for anything else in the future Ill ask you though.\ I offered instead, getting him to smile once again. Although I knew that it would be very unlikely, not thinking of any other occasions that would require one to impress him or for some sort of date like event.

\Whenever and whatever.\ Julien told me, his voice turning a bit soft before he linked our fingers together and gestured with his head for us to continue walking. I followed him to the forest line before we emerged into the clearing that held the pack house.

I stopped however, right before the staircase to go back into the house; forgetting the most important part of it all.

\Julien?\ I asked, getting his attention as he stopped too and turned to fully face me once again. \Did he happened to tell you what day it was on?\ I had no idea not thinking to pay attention to it when they announced the date.

I did not think I would be going.

Julien smiled, having asked Dean; must have truly wanted to ask me without prompt from Dean. He found it amusing but told me that its this Saturday coming up. Maybe a dress Cordelia already had designed will have to do.

Once we got back to the house it was lunch time, Julien had timed our walk for it. Every one ready to eat as we entered the dining room. I wasn very hungry but enjoyed the time together just as much. The large dining table easily held room for the extra chairs for Dean, Katy and Ben.

Everyone had greeted me with a lovely happy birthday, all happy to see me again; wishing it to be under better circumstances of course but it was good none the less.

Nicks progress was clear to see in his ease to interact now, his confidence appearing; just in the small time from when I saw him last. Julien being a great leader and teacher already. His care with Nick should be enough for him to see that. Nick no longer looked uncomfortable around me or even Dean, our scents once caused him to loose control.

\Before everyone clears out Id like to discuss a few things, Ill fill the rest of the pack in later tonight.\ Julien asked of everyone before they could begin to start cleaning up the table.

Once Katy guided Ben away to distract him Julien began starting what he wanted to share. Being about Daven and everyone agrees Ben should be kept away.

Julien sat up a bit and placed his hand onto my thigh as he began to speak; using his now familiar alpha voice. The one he used when he was being serious or needed to get something across that was important.

\With Paxs help we know where Daven will be in two days, going to meet Katys mate in regards of tracking someone down. We don know who but I want to take care of it.\ Julien explained and looked around the table. Looking for any questions or opinions on the matter.

\At this point I think we should let the elders know.\ Penelope offered her opinion on the matter first. \Didn they advise you to do so?\ She then asked, making her point further.

Julien cleared his throat, \I want to get to Katys mate, the elders can do anything in a public place; the meeting place is a diner.\ He at some point looked up the address, knowing the whole time what he wanted to do.

I wonder how the elders would handle such a matter, they may not look at everything; such as Katys mate only helping because he still believes Katy and Ben are locked up in that house.

Julien also said they can do anything in a public place anyway and would risk him getting away to follow him to a more private location; if they could. Plus I trusted Julien far more, not even meeting a single elder yet to get a feel for their energy.

Im sure even the wisest of werewolfs can be corrupt too or just simply not know the best way to handle everything. Julien clearly had a plan and I would support it all the way.

\I obviously don know how the elders would handle it but we could use Katys mate; If we-Julien gets there before Daven he can still let the elders know where he is.\ I offered to appease Penelope and Juliens plan.

Then we could help him and still get somewhere with catching Daven but I also knew Julien wasn going to let me any where Alaska if Daven would be there. So it wasn a we.

He would much rather bring Alex, his true second. Whether I became Luna or not that would not change. He could ask for my advice but he doesn want my help in that way.

Although I didn blame him for that it still hurt my feeling a bit to know he not only trusts Alex more but he trusts Alex can do it better too.

\Katy should go then. Her mate won know we have her or that she is safe.\ Cassie advised Julien, making a good point too. It would be instant in gaining his trust if we show him we saved his mate. Not having to waste any time in attempting to convince him.

Katy can also tell him that their child is safe; Ben. Im sure that would be a big relief to him just as it was to Katy.

Julien nodded, seeming satisfied with the plan and no one had anything else to add. Also content with how it will be done. He would gather a few wolfs to go with him, Alex and some other pack members I haven met yet. Ready to assist the elders after Katy and her mate begin their travels back to the pack house for Ben.

With or without the elders being notified of his location we have more information on his activity with the help of her mate. Better yet whoever he was assigned to track. Once more of the smaller details were figured out, Julien dismissed everyone to continue what they were doing or going to do.

Now we just had to wait for those two days.

...To Be Continued In The Next Chapter.....

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