A Bad situation

That is not devils weapon,

That is the Deaths of God Weapon...

As in shock and small hesitate on itzatani god face, as see that spear, shan straight his spear with his right hand and throw that on itzatani god and see that itzatani god think to counter it, but then again, as he thought, he feel some energy coming from that spear and he think to dodge it, as he try to dodge but spear just change his direction and go towards itzatani god and shan think,

its my last chance to defeat him, after that I can stand, that is my last attack I need to do whatever it takes to land it on itzatani god, or else we can leave from here,

as shan in very tension face and itzatani god running around as dodging that spear, as he also annoyed and shout in anger,

I will not let it hit me, as saying this itzatani god stop and start chanting and as he chants that spear come near him with full speed, as shan in very pain to even stand and Mr kumar and rio are finding ken, as they all are fighting with their power in their own ways,

On the Ben side,

as he come out of underground room, he see outside which is completely destructed and shocked,

hwwwww, what the hell was happened here?

I heard some noise but that is beyond destruction, what happened here?

where is shan and other? are they ok?

I need to find them as fast as possible,

as in panicking Ben run towards Third Wall check, as he running, he see some prisoners are running from jail and as seeing the direction in which from they come and he go there,

as he running and running finally stop at the Third Wall check entrance and see there is more destruction compare to First Wall check and see that at the end of floor shan is fighting someone, as Ben didn recognise itzatani god and see left side of shan, as Mr kurma and rio finding something, as Ben go towards them and said,

what are you finding? rio, Mr kumar, as shouting this he fall,

as Rio and Mr kumar see him and what happened to him? as they go near him and Ben get up and asked Mr kumar,

what are you finding? we don have time, lets go,

as Mr kurma come and said,

we are finding ken, he is Missing,

what? what happened to ken? where is he? as in very tension Ben just try to dug debris around him, as Rio see something and said,

grandpa, see that and both rio and Mr kumar see on Ben legs on ground as both asked to him,

Ben, see your below,

Below, what are you saying at a time like time we need to find kennnnnnn???

as he see that on which he stamp and fall is ken himself, as he said this in confusion,

ken, are you alright? as both rio and Mr kumar come near him and asked him,

hey, Ken are you fine? can you walk?

as ken see Mr kumar, tears come from his eye and he said,

Mr kumar, I.. I... I am really happy to see you, as he crying and Mr kumar reply,

hey, Don say anything now we will talk when we get out of here, can you get up?

Yes, I can, as ken reply,

OK, everyone now all of you go out of here,

as Mr kurma said to everyone,

as Ben suddenly see them and ask,

hey, rio what are you doing here?

and where is Jenny and rena? they not come here, right? then how you come? as in panic he asked,

no... rena come with me, as rio said with low and trembling voice,

what? where is she,? as in panicking Ben asked to rio, as in Rios eye tears come and he said,

she was with me, until I didn unconscious, as in tension Ben hold his head and Mr kumar said,

Don worry ken, I will find her, so all of you go from here, I will definitely come with rena and shan, so all of you just focus on leaving here, as in this destruction, here security not gonna fall, they will do whatever it takes to don let anyone get out of here, even that jail master is vanished from some time, its OK, to assume that he will do something to stop us, so all of you go outside as soon as possible, I will come with rena and shan, I promise, as Ben in tears come near Mr kumar and said,

please, Mr kurma, please find her, I can live without her, please, as Mr kurma hug Ben and said,

I will find her, no matter what, I know the pain of losing daughter more than anyone, as said this Mr kumar fly somewhere to find Rena, as ken come near Ben said,

it will be ok Ben, once Mr kurma said something than he will do it no matter what,

so lets take rio with us now, oh Yes did you find that? as ken asking Ben,

Yes, I find it, but that is completely different from what we heard, as talking with each other about that, they leave from there with rio and go towards entrance of Third Wall check,

In the underground basement,

As all guard are running and come at one place and assemble and then jail master come in the front of them and said,

Everyone listen carefully,

now as we are talking all prisoners are Berserk on above ground, so we need to make them arrested again or else if they will get out of here, then they will definitely kill innocent people, so today if we even let one prisoner go out of here, then assume that you killed 2 to 3 innocent people, so no matter what, don let even one of them see First Wall Check entrance gate,

Just do whatever you can to arrest them,

as we have special security, which can stop them at Second Wall Check, but the one who already get in the First Wall Check, its your responsibility to capture them,


Yes Sir!!!!

As all guard reply with strong voice and ready to face their fate, as they are going above,

sub jail master come and said to Jail master,

Its Ready Sir,

OK, Finally now even single ant can leave from here,

That nameless god prisoners give me very tough time, even if he mistakenly get out of itzatani god hand then he will face his life greatest fear that,

If One see then One can never able to forget its fear ness...

As Mr kurma is finding Rena, as flying over whole Third Wall Check, he see that some people are pursuing someone, and at first he ignore it, but as he see that one is running is small girl and that girl is rena herself, as he quickly go there and punch everyone and fly away them, and take Rena in his arm and said,

hey, rena how are you?

do you remember me?

as she crying and not saying anything,

then Mr kumar down her, on ground and said,

what happened rena? why are you crying so much? don worry, I will take you to your dad,

as rena just not stop crying and then she said something in very low voice that Mr kumar can hear and know only from just seeing her lip moving, as he asked her,

what are you saying?

say loudly, as she slowly, slowly, high her voice then she clearly says,

There is the Death, kumar grandpa, as saying this and Mr kumar in confused asked,

death? where is the death? what are you saying?

as she point out somewhere and walk on that direction as taking Mr kurma,

hey, where are you taking me, rena? that direction is the way of First Wall Check, listen me Rena, we will get out of here definitely, so just wait, I will go and take shan with me, as Rena just don listen to him and after they cross some dust smoke Mr kurma see something,

What The Fuck Is That? as in very tension and confused and in some fear also Mr kumar said, and then he see Rena and said,

Thank you rena, because of you now we can avoid that,

That is Really Bad situation for us if we go from there,

as Mr kurma remember something and he said,

**ttttt.... as in very angry and tension Mr kurma shout.