A man who want to rule this universe

As sun rise and dark sky transform into bright sky in this horizontal road a person is running through as his shadow reflecting his back side and jump a big river, and in the near dome some young people who are gonna choose their own world to become powerful God are waiting for ceremony to start.

To start ceremony, one of the seven wonders god come, as he give a start signal, a voice come from distant, a boy silhouette\ was shining in every one eye who hear his voice

as people see who is he and in that moment he shout that \i am the one who rule this universe\ as he say, every one mouth open in shock and remain as it is for some second after it boy said, how can you start it without me? he skate on sky and try to go in the ceremony, as whole dome is watching him and he land on the ground, as everyone around him watching as saying who the hell is he? he is idiot who dream to rule this universe, after hearing that every one in audience laugh very loud like after this they can never laugh,as this rumour starts, he go to near his friend Lilly as she said \ why always you shout like that in public? are you really idiot or what? sorry Lilly but one day I am gonna rule on them, so I need to earn their trust and respect as shan said it. Yes Yes, as she said in very poor voice, as all of this happening one of the seven wonders god see shan and think \ohh\ another dump, and near him person who is in charge of ceremony said lets continue sir he have young blood, so it happens many time \OK lets start\ as one of the seven wonders gods said.


In this ceremony, young god come and choose their world to become a Powerful god.

This universe is divided into seven part that knows as \ Seven wonders ways\ in each part million of planet reside and to maintain its law and order every wonders way have its own god also known as seven wonder gods.

under seven wonder gods who works know as royal gods.

Every young God is start their pro god career as to work under one of the seven wonders by choose their world in wonder way.

But for shan...

No...No means no

I will not work under any god

I am the one who rule them, as shan said to Lilly, but you need a world to become a pro god and for that you need to choose it from wonder way. only they have world to give newbie god, but as shan said as he go forward he see a universe map which have seven way which represents seven wonder as everyone is choosing their own world shan is think deeply as he see map and in the right side corner of map location have a planet which was abondoned thousands of years ago...

As shan see it and say This is it.

I want this as it is in abandoned area of universe, no one rule there, that is out of seven wonders rule...

shan take form of my world to the counter office and submit it, but counter lady say you can choose that planet, that is unused from many year you can make world their and it also don have seven wonders support

how can you even make your World...

thats especially why I want that, I will make my world there and rule it, that is all, I can let anyone else rule it

As counter lady think and go inside the main office after some time she came and said you can have that planet but in 6 months if you can make it a proper world then it will be destroy and you need to choose another planet from seven wonder... right?.

as shan think deeply after 3 second he said yes I accept it, hey at least take your time to think Lilly said, no I don need to think about a thing which is not gonna happen as shan said in happy face confidence.

seven wonders gods is taking his leave from carimony, as about to fly he notice that his badge is missing in that panic he try to see from sky as he circle around dome in tension after some time, he see a shining light in the middle of people in ceremony as he go towards shining light he see that amazing silhouette once again and this time it gives goosebumps to him after some second he came to normal state and go to young boy god and say, this Is mine, give it to me.

un-hun what? who the hell are you? as shan said.

hay you damn brat who do you think I am

as he grap shan neck and float him in air,

give it to me as seven wonder god said,

n,,no I found this, it is mine as in pain shan said it and in angry seven wonder is unleash his god power on this small planet as he unleash his power planet itself is shaking like a soda bottle after Shake, and in that moment a person in charge of ceremony come a apologize to seven wonder and ask him to not destroy this planet, in all of that, shan is still in the hand of seven wonder god after seven wonder god taking badge, god throw him and said \This time I am leaving you alive\ be grateful but not next time as he said that he goes in sky and in that moment shan said as god go to sky hehh

hehhhhe you wonder...

one day I will rule on you too, remember that,

that time I will take that badge again until then you can have it on your hand...

after hearing it he come again and look at shan as both look each other eye aggressively

ely and god said you think you can rule over me..?

as shan said, no,, not on you I will rule this universe, this, right..

I will rule supreme era that which every superme god wise to but can ...


I will become superme ruler which also known as king of gods...

As he said that with smile and pass out and become unconscious after seeing it seven wonder also leave without doing anything...