Chapter 6: Impossible Decisions

The next morning (afternoon) I was hungover, body was exhausted. I must have physically struggled a lot last night. I grabbed my cell and looked at the calls I had missed. 4 people, all unknown. Wow, work already? I wanted to stay in bed, but my bank account told me to get up and work. I showered and dressed still contemplating what I had to do next. Pick a job, kick some ass and make some dough. Grabbing my jacket, I headed out for the night. Sergio had called and needed a quick strong arm to help him collect a debt. 50% is mine. That should keep me from having to take new clients for a while. For some reason, I needed to stop being the bad guy for a little while. It was nice being on the right side of things every once in a while. The last couple of days made me realize how much I missed it. Lena, she made me realize how much I missed it.

I jumped on my bike and headed to Sergios. I had to get the profile and find the person I was looking for. This shouldn take much. Usually, these guys were either low lifes that borrowed more money than they could repay, or they just didn see the need to pay it back. It didn take me long to get there; Sergio lived in the burbs not too far from me. He was a short, stocky man. Well, demon, with lots of money and not much else. His wife was a tall pretty human, that obviously loved the life he gave her. There couldn be much more to it. Sergio had tiny little horns, a tail and a fat face; There was no way any woman would want to ** him. He had hooves too… Some demons were **ing gross.

He didn even bother to talk to me this time, not even worth his time. One of his men brought me an envelope containing a photo and an address. It was an old man, a human, or so it seemed. He owed a lot of money. Nearly 100k. He lived off Broad, in a broken-down neighborhood. What would a man like this use all of this money for? Couldn be good.

It was well after 10 when I got to the busted old house. Everything looked normal from the outside, but something was off… Something was not as it should have been. I took a long look around me, there was no one to be seen, the neighborhood was decrepit but quiet. Why did this feel so wrong? I left my bike around the corner and walked to the house. Hopefully the old man would cough up the money and I could go home without fighting anyone tonight. I knocked on the door and after a minute, a nice older lady opened the door. She squinted and tilted her head,